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Information about “VEKTOR”

NPO “VEKTOR” includes few manufacturing plants, united into one enterprise to provide oil companies with specialized equipment

A wide range of highly specialized products

Today we provide truck tankers of captive production:

  • Vacuum tankers (AKN)
  • Cesspool trucks (VM)
  • Oil-field tankers (ACN)
  • Bowsers (ATZ) and gasoline tankers
  • Attached implements (cisterns)

We can also supply specialized equipment for enhancing oil and gas recovery: cementing trucks, acid-treatment pumpers, steam trucks, well dewaxing units, cement surge tanks.

Innovation and development

The specific feature of our enterprise is a real-life experience of our team. NPO “VEKTOR” experts monitored equipment operation in severe climatic conditions of Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs. Applied knowledge enabled us to start the production of modern and technologically advanced tankers. It is worthy of note that our engineers took into account requests of drivers. It is important for us to make the best possible working conditions for your employees.

Production facilities

We have all necessary licenses and certificates that enable NPO “VEKTOR” to design, develop, produce, install, repair and maintain the produced equipment. But the essential is our team – people who meet the challenges every day. Engineers, production specialists, technologists, managers - we all are focused on the one thing - to produce and sell high quality products.


We have production facilities for manufacturing truck tankers of different purposes and capacity. In tankers production we use flat products with a wall thickness of 4 mm and different steel grades - from 09G2S (09Г2С) to 12KH18N10T (12Х18Н10Т) (according to Russian GOST). It is possible to produce tankers of different materials, according to your demands. We use the following basic forms of tankers cross section: a “suitcase” (rus.”chemodan”) form, “trapezium” and “circle”.

Two groups of 12 workers are involved in production process, our technical equipment includes:

  • Shaping tool 1 (for “suitcase” tankers)
  • Shaping tool 2 (for “trapezium” tankers)
  • CNC roll mills (for “circle” tankers external drum shell)
  • Shot-blasting unit (clears the metal from externals by machining)
  • Sheet metal leveling machine ( for preliminary sheet straightening)
  • Heat-cutting machine (gas-plasma CNC)
  • High-precision plasma cutting machine for sheet metal and merchant mill products
  • Guillotine (for precise metal cutting)

High-precision equipment and skilled personnel make it possible to produce up to 50 truck tankers per month, and also up to 20-30 units of other specialized oilfield machinery. And launching of the second production line could increase our production capacity by almost half – up to 90-100 truck tankers per month!

Our major purpose is to focus production process on a final customer

Quality of products

Experienced personnel, high quality materials and professional equipment make the average working lifespan of NPO “VEKTOR” tankers 30% higher than similar products of other producers. It is also essential that we provide machinery of maximum configuration, which influences such important indicators of working and equipment efficiency. The maximum (or “the most completed”) package includes:

  • Obligatory sleeping berth, built-in chassis (if it is not provided, we can suggest to modify the chassis according to the manufacturers’ conditions)
  • Instrument boxes on chassis overhangs
  • Heating of the footvalve or internal tanker heatup
  • Wide operating platforms with a non-slip perforated flooring
  • Two-position adjustable underrun bumper (off-road mode/highway mode)
  • Gasoline tanker armored at 4 sides with a solid metal sheet 4 mm in thickness
  • Ladders on tankers with folding handrails and many other functional units.

You can rely on us!

We’ve been constantly developing for the last few years. And this is not just words… You can easily find information about increasing annual business volume and total sales in company’s reports, they are publicly available.

We have supplied more than 1,000 units of equipment. Feedback from our customers speaks for itself - every third customer comes to us reclining on testimonials and references.

Our reputation on producer market is important for us and that is why our core values include:

  • fast worldwide delivery;
  • equipment production and dispatch in agreed terms;
  • working with clients of any legal status – it could be a sole proprietorship, business entity, or even a major oil company.

NPO “VEKTOR” represents high-quality products, timely order processing and continuous searching for new technologies.

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