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NPO “Vektor”
Sales department

+7 351 901-41-71

Actual address

Suvorov street, 17, Chebarkul,
Chelyabinsk region, Russian Federation

Postal address

456441, Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Chebarkul,
PO Box 305

Service of the company

Denis Karlov General Director

office phone: +7 351 901-41-71
mobile phone: +7 919 111-41-95viber
e-mail: d.karlov@vektornpo.ru Skype: order1vektornpo

Alexander Karlov Production Director

e-mail: a.karlov@vektornpo.ru

Dmitrii Karlov Deputy Director

Speaks English
office phone: +7 351 902-41-71
mobile phone: +7 951 125-58-22viber
e-mail: d.karlov@vektornpo.ru Skype: order2vektornpo

Dmitrii Tretyak Sales manager

mobile phone: +7 908 578-43-33viber
e-mail: d.tretyak@vektornpo.ru

Dmitrii Batutin Sales manager

mobile phone: +7 904 972-74-23viber
e-mail: d.batutin@vektornpo.ru

Alexander Kulagin Sales manager

Speaks English
mobile phone: +7 904 306-93-65viber
e-mail: a.kulagin@vektornpo.ru

Rustam Karlov Sales manager

mobile phone: +7 919 124-45-74viber
e-mail: r.karlov@vektornpo.ru

Vyacheslav Salmin Sales manager

mobile phone: +7 912 791-14-44viber
e-mail: v.salmin@vektornpo.ru

Alexander Kononov Sales manager

mobile phone: +7 904 931-67-47viber
e-mail: a.kononov@vektornpo.ru

Marketing and advertising Department

Vera Ivanova Marketing manager

e-mail: marketing@vektornpo.ru

Ekaterina Zadorogina SEO manager

e-mail: marketing@vektornpo.ru


Supply division

Artem Laptev Supply Manager

office phone: +7 351 903-41-71
e-mail: a.laptev@vektornpo.ru

Alexandra Makovkina Supply Manager

office phone: +7 351 903-41-71
mobile phone: +7 929 238-87-71 viber
e-mail: a.makovkina@vektornpo.ru


Technical service

Alexey Tikhonov Technical Director

e-mail: tehno@vektornpo.ru

Аlexander Razov Engineer-constructor

e-mail: tehno@vektornpo.ru

Alexander Luzhny Engineer-constructor

e-mail: tehno@vektornpo.ru

Alexander Vinokurov Chief of builders

e-mail: master@vektornpo.ru

Alexey Starikov Head of production area

e-mail: master@vektornpo.ru

Elena Novozhenina Safety engineer

e-mail: e.novozhenina@vektornpo.ru

Department of accountants

Marina Krestovskyh Deputy Director for Economics and Finance, chief accountant

mobile phone: +7 950 737-49-90
e-mail: buh@vektornpo.ru

Lesya Dyachkova Deputy chief accountant

e-mail: buh@vektornpo.ru

Anna Berezantseva Lead accountant

e-mail: buh@vektornpo.ru



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