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ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118
ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118

Oil-field tankers ACN-10 KAMAZ-43118

Capacity: 10 cubic meters
Pumps: СЦЛ 00А/СВН-80А
Number of sections: 1–3
Chassis: KAMAZ-43118 (6×6, 300 hp, E-5)
Sleeping berth: available
Warranty: attached implements – 1 year


Tanker specifications

Capacity, cubic meter 10
Max liquid density, tonn/cubic meter 1
Cross-section form Suitcase (rus. ”chemodan”)
Number of sections 1–3
Steel grade 09G2S (09Г2С) (low-allow steel with a minimum thickness of 4 mm)
Side framing External frame
Tanker and subframe fixation With metal fixing straps
Subframe and chassis framework fixation With metal ladders with spring tabs. Between subframe and chassis framework there is a rubber damper pad.

Installed pumps specification

Characteristic SCL-00A (СЦЛ-00А) SVN-80 (СВН-80)
Pump capacity, cubic meter per hour 21,6 35
Pump head, meter 30 26
Pump power, kW 5,5 6,5
Nominal speed, rpm 1450 1450
Pump efficiency, % 35 38
Self-suction lift, m 4,5 6,5
Mass, kg 62 17,6

Pumping unit

Pump drive type Hydraulical drive
Delivery-suction hoses 2 pcs. - DN 75 mm, length 6 meters, with a quick disconnect joint Camlock 3" (hose standard according to GOST 5398-76)
Method of hoses packaging Galvanized steel cases at both sides of tanker
Out valve Butterfly-type valve, DN 80

KAMAZ-43118 chassis specification

Auxiliary equipment Towing hitch, Power take off (PTO), Winch (depending on specification)
Brake lining width, mm 140
Dimensions: drum Ø, mm 400
Drive pneumatic
Configuration day-cab or sleeper cab (depends on truck configuration)
Type high or low roof, over the engine (depends on truck configuration)
Characteristic of gvw vehicle
Climbing angle, no less, % 31
Maximum speed, no less, km/h 90
Outer turning radius between walls, m. 11,5–12,9
Actuation hydraulic, with pneumatic booster
Type diaphragm, single-disk, mod. ZF&SACHS MF 430
Electrical equipment
Batteries, V/A hour 2х12/190
Generator, V/W 28/3000
Voltage, V 24
Cylinder arrangement and number V-shaped, 8
Cylinder Ø and piston stroke, mm 120/130
Degree of compression 17
Engine displacement, L 11,76
Fuel feed system Common Rail
Maximum net horsepower, kW (h. p.) 221 (300)
at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 1900
Maximum net torque, Nm (kgfm) 1275 (130)
at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 1300
Model 740.662-300
Type turbocharged diesel, with aftercooling
Final drive
Ratio 5,94
Transfer case
Control pneumatic
Type mechanical, two-speed with interlocking differential
Fuel system
Fuel tank capacity, L 210 or 350 or 210+210 or 350+210 (depending on specification)
Control mechanical, remote control
Gear ratios 1-9,48; 2-6,58; 3-4,68; 4-3,48; 5-2,62; 6-1,89; 7-1,35; 8-1,00; 9-0,75; ЗХ-8,97
Model ZF 9S1310
Number of gears 9
Weight characteristics and loads
Chassis curb weight, kg 8845...9395 (depending on specification)
Front axle load, kg 4785…5275 (depending on specification)
Rear axle load, kg 3810…4300
Gross combination weight, kg 33600
Gross trailer weight, kg 12000
Gross vehicle with superstructure weight, kg 21600
Rear trailer bogie load, kg 15800
Front axle load, kg 5800
Permissible mass of superstructure with load, kg 12680...12130 (depending on specification)
Wheels and tyres
Rim size 10.00-20 or 12.2-20,9 (depending on specification)
Tyre size 390/95 R20 or 425/85 R21 (depending on specification)
Tyre type pneumatic, with pressure control
Wheel type disk wheels

Oil-field tankers AСN are designed for transportation of raw petroleum, petroleum-containing fluids, salting and mud liquids.

NPO “Vektor” designs and manufactures tankers according to the specific needs of customers: on request we can provide further equipment of ACN for flammable liquids transportation.

Oil reservoirs are calibrated. All tankers are certified.

Oil-field tankers AСN may be performed for all climate zones.

Attention! While driving the tanker should be completely empty or full, since the movement of partially filled tanker can lead to overturning.

Tanker component parts:

  • cistern (suitcase (rus. “chemodan”) cross-section, steel grade 09G2S),
  • vacuum pump ( SCL-00A (СЦЛ-00А) or SVN-80 (СВН-80)),
  • electrical equipment,
  • fire-fighting equipment (extinguishers, sand boxes).

Oil-field tanker specifications

A specialized vehicle includes a tanker installed on “KamAZ” chassis.

Cistern – is a welded construction of two bottoms and drum shell.

Tanker’s shell is made of carbon sheet steel 09G2S with reinforcement plates inside, which additionally serve as baffles. There is a filler pipe on a tanker. On the top of a tanker there is a manhole hatch (⌀ 500 mm); at the bottom there is a sump and a flange for connection to the pump assembly. There are installed air bleeds to avoid air pockets when filling the tanker; they are made as tubes with the ends derived to the filler pipe.

There is a loading level indicator on a filler pipe made as a site glass.

On a manhole hatch there are installed valves for tankers’ venting: pressure valve and safety-relief valve.

An operating platform with a non-slip perforated flooring is available on the tanker. A ladder is also pre- installed for comfortable lifting.

The tanker is installed on a frame mounted support which combines with chassis. The supports are attached to a metal cradle structure which is fixed on a mainframe with U-bolts. Under the supports in cradles there are metal ribs which protect from crushing. Under a frame support there are ribbon springs.

Electrical wiring is layed through metal hoses, all connections are encapsulated, equipment is performed in explosion-proof configuration.

The tanker is provided with a warning sign “Flammable”. On a back side there is a ground circuit. 200 mm of it must contact the road surface.

Possible modifications for hazardous materials transportation:

  • orange color tanker with a sign “flammable”,
  • changing the location of muffler,
  • arc-control device,
  • shielded wiring,
  • grounding reel,
  • ground circuit,
  • fuel tank protection,
  • back-side protector,
  • orange warning lights – 2 pcs.,
  • fire extinguishers  – 2 pcs.,
  • sand boxes,
  • felt box,
  • light-reflecting marking,
  • attachment for a class of hazard information sign.

Программа TRADE-IN от производителя. Обмен старого автомобиля на новый Камаз.


  • Принимаются грузовики любых производителей, без ограничений, в качестве первоначального взноса
  • Автомобили закупаются напрямую у владельцев
  • Ценовое предложение на подержанный грузовик в течении суток
  • Оптимальная цена на рынке за Ваш грузовик с пробегом
  • Надежность и гарантия юридической чистоты сделки


  • Предварительный осмотр и ценовое предложение по фотографиям
  • Комплексная диагностика сдаваемого грузовика силами сервисного центра
  • Выбор нового автомобиля у официального дилера ПАО «КАМАЗ»
  • Заключение договора обратного выкупа

Программа действует как для юридических так и для физических лиц.

Услуги по дооборудованию и доработке

Выполним необходимые клиенту доработки и оснастим технику дополнительным оборудованием.

Наши специалисты выполнят:

  • дооборудование для перевозки ГСМ;
  • доработки для эксплуатации в экстремально холодных условиях;
  • дооснащение автономными подогревателями;
  • монтаж кондиционеров;
  • установку тахографов;
  • монтаж дополнительных топливных баков;
  • доработки кабины: утепление, увеличение размера, оснащение спальным местом;
  • а также многое другое. К полному списку доработок...


Delivery methods

Delivery to the CIS countries by road or rail.

Delivery to other foreign countries: marine and aircraft transport,
railway transport.

Shipping terms

  • If products are in stock, we can perform shipment within 3 days.
  • If the necessary equipment is not available, the shipment will be made within the period from 10 to 15 calendar days.


Payment methods

  • Foreign transactions,
  • leasing,
  • cashless transactions.

Terms of payment

Payment is made when the order is ready for shipment. The shipment is possible only at 100% payment.

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