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MV-20 KAMAZ-6520
MV-20 KAMAZ-6520
MV-20 KAMAZ-6520MV-20 KAMAZ-6520

Cesspool trucks MV-20 KAMAZ-6520

Capacity: 20 cubic meters
Pumps: КО-505, PNR-122, PVT-200, PVT-400, ВК-6М2, ВР-8/3, НВР-8/5
Bottom opening: mechanical/not
Chassis: KAMAZ-6520 (6×6, 420 hp, E-4)
Warranty: attached implements – 1 year


Возможна укомплектация АКПП «ALLISON» 3000 серии

Tanker specifications

Capacity, cubic meter 17,5
Cross-section form circle
The number of sections 1
Bottom opening mechanical/not (depends on configuration)
Main filler pipe frontal placement
Additional filler pipe rear placement Ø 250 mm, on the distance 1 m from the back bottom
Operating platform with handrails one for two filler pipes. Raising the platform by the ladder on left side of the tanker
Steel grade 09G2S (09Г2С) (low-allow steel with a minimum thickness of 4 mm)
Side framing external frame
Tanker and chassis fixation belt fixation (“fixed type”) or technological support (“main support”)
Tanker color on request

Installed pumps specification

Characteristic КО-505 PNR-122 PVT-200 PVT-400 ВК-6М2 ВР-8/3 НВР-8/5
Delivery volume, m3/h 310 740 1200 1500 240 480 310
Continuous work time, h 1            
Pump efficiency, % 80–90 92 92 92      
Rotating speed, rpm 1150 1300 3000–4500 3000–4500 1500 26  
Self-suction lift, m 4            
Peak underpressure 0,085 MPa 92% 0,0037 MPa 0,0037 MPa 0,0039 MPa   0,085 MPa
Peak pressure, bar 0,6 2 2 2 1,5 2,93  
Pump power, kW 9 19 38 38 22 22  
Peak heating, °С 80 150 90 90  
Mass, kg 125 177 160 240 530 170  

Tanker vacuum equipment

Pump drive PTO-driven / additional engine dependent PTO/ hydraulical drive / drive shaft
Delivery-suction hoses 2 pcs., DN 75 mm, length 6 meters
Cases for hoses packaging Metal cases at both sides of tanker; length 4m; width 0,48m.
Vacuum unit protecting components The first shutdown valve in a filler pipe,
the second shutdown valve in a receiver,
vacuum valve (-0,8 kg/cm2),
pressure relief valve (0,4 kg/cm2),
max level sensor MS DUG11-N-10 with chassis engine cut-off.

KAMAZ-6520 chassis specification

Auxiliary equipment Towing hitch, Power take off (PTO), Pre-heater (depending on specification)
Brake lining width, mm 180
Dimensions: drum Ø, mm 420
Drive pneumatic
Configuration day-cab
Suspension pneumatic
Type high roof, over the engine
Characteristic of gvw vehicle
Climbing angle, no less, % 25 (14°)
Maximum speed, no less, km/h 90
Outer turning radius between walls, m. 11,3
Actuation hydraulic, with pneumatic booster
Type diaphragm, single-disk, mod. ZF&SACHS MF 430
Electrical equipment
Batteries, V/A hour 2х12/190
Generator, V/W 28/3000
Voltage, V 24
Cylinder arrangement and number V-shaped, 8
Cylinder Ø and piston stroke, mm 120/130
Degree of compression 16,8
Engine displacement, L 11,76
Fuel feed system Common Rail
Maximum net horsepower, kW (h. p.) 265 (420)
at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 1900
Maximum net torque, Nm (kgfm) 1864 (160)
at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 1300–1350
Model 740.74-420
Type turbocharged diesel, with aftercooling
Final drive
Ratio 5,11 or 5,55 (depending on specification)
Type double, with central bevel gear and wheel planetaries
Transfer case
Control pneumatic
Type mechanical, two-speed with interlocking differential
Fuel system
Fuel tank capacity, L 500 or 550 or 350 (depending on specification)
Control mechanical, remote control
Gear ratios 1-13,8-11,55; 2-9,59-8,02; 3-6,81-5,70; 4-4,58-3,84; 5-3,01-2,52; 6-2,09-1,75; 7-1,49-1,24; 8-1,00-0,84; ЗХ-13,17-11,03
Model ZF 16S 151
Number of gears 8
Wheels and tyres
Rim size 8,5-20 (216-508) (depending on specification)
Tyre size 12,00 R20 (320 R508) (depending on specification)
Tyre type pneumatic, tubed
Wheel type disk wheels


Vacuum cesspool trucks are designed for wastewater gathering, dewatering, transportation for recycling, and also for filling, transportation and discharging of any process liquids.

MV-20 may be performed for all climate zones, with opening bottom or not. The machinery is designed for operation  at the general road network of 1-3 categories (according to Russian construction rules and regulations SNiP 11-D5).

Tanker component parts:

  • cistern ( circle cross-section, steel grade 09G2S),
  • vacuum pump (basement, pump, grease filter, moisture separator, piping),
  • electrical equipment/

Vacuum cesspool truck specifications

Vacuum cesspool truck MV-20 KAMAZ-6520 chassis with attached equipment.

Vacuum cistern – is a cross-section tanker, a welded construction of two bottoms and drum shell.

On the top of a tanker there is a filler pipe with a closed filler cap. On a cap there are relief valve, vacuum valve and a tap for air exhausting while creating pressure or underpressure. Pressure-relief valve on the filler cap controls pressure limit in the tanker. Vacuum valve includes a cap, a case and a valve. It controls vacuum limits. At the back bottom of the tanker there is a filler flap for liquids filling and outflow. The filler flap is tightly closed with a cap, on which there is a tap and delivery flap with cover plug.

There is an operating platform with ladder for convenient filler pipe maintenance.

The tanker is equipped with delivery-suction hose, which is packed in transportation case. Nominal voltage in the equipment network is 24 V, DC is provided by the automobile.

Security facilities

  • Chassis exhaust silencer is placed according to chassis configuration.
  • Fuel reservoir protection - according to chassis configuration.
  • Grounding system — 1 pcs. (ground circuit on a rear protection).
  • First aid kit — 1 pcs.
  • Wheel blocks — 2 pcs. With brackets (ADR (rus. ДОПОГ)
  • Rear protection — 1 pcs. (GOST R 41.58).

Программа TRADE-IN от производителя. Обмен старого автомобиля на новый Камаз.


  • Принимаются грузовики любых производителей, без ограничений, в качестве первоначального взноса
  • Автомобили закупаются напрямую у владельцев
  • Ценовое предложение на подержанный грузовик в течении суток
  • Оптимальная цена на рынке за Ваш грузовик с пробегом
  • Надежность и гарантия юридической чистоты сделки


  • Предварительный осмотр и ценовое предложение по фотографиям
  • Комплексная диагностика сдаваемого грузовика силами сервисного центра
  • Выбор нового автомобиля у официального дилера ПАО «КАМАЗ»
  • Заключение договора обратного выкупа

Программа действует как для юридических так и для физических лиц.

Услуги по дооборудованию и доработке

Выполним необходимые клиенту доработки и оснастим технику дополнительным оборудованием.

Наши специалисты выполнят:

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  • доработки для эксплуатации в экстремально холодных условиях;
  • дооснащение автономными подогревателями;
  • монтаж кондиционеров;
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  • а также многое другое. К полному списку доработок...


Delivery methods

Delivery to the CIS countries by road or rail.

Delivery to other foreign countries: marine and aircraft transport,
railway transport.

Shipping terms

  • If products are in stock, we can perform shipment within 3 days.
  • If the necessary equipment is not available, the shipment will be made within the period from 10 to 15 calendar days.


Payment methods

  • Foreign transactions,
  • leasing,
  • cashless transactions.

Terms of payment

Payment is made when the order is ready for shipment. The shipment is possible only at 100% payment.

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