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Maintenance vehicles: AROK (beam pumping units maintenance) and PARM (mobile autorepair workshop)

Our specialists provide machinery improvement and further equipping according to your demands.

Water pipelines ground repair unit ANRV KAMAZ-43118 with motorcrane unit IM-95 фото

Shelter: 2 sections, no sleeping berth
Motorcrane unit: IM-95 (8.5 t/m, max lifting capacity 4 t per 2.1 m, max boom extension 8.25 m)
Chassis: KAMAZ-43118 (6×6, 280/300 h. p., E-4)

Repair and maintenance unit for beam pumping units AOP on KAMAZ-43118 chassis with motorcrane IM-150 фото

Shelter: 2 modules, no sleeping berth
Motorcrane unit: IM-150 (12.1 t/m, max lifting capacity 6.05 t per 2 m, max boom extension 8.4 m)
Chassis: KAMAZ-43118 (6×6, 280/300 h. p., E-4)

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